Strategic Business Planning

Corporate strategy involves answering a key question: “How shall we compete in this business?”

Great knowledge comes from well-planned and executed research. It stands to reason that if you know your market intimately, know the needs and wants of your customers and what they like about your offer compared to the competition, or in fact how you compare in the market – then you will be more successful at meeting those needs and taking advantage of market opportunity.

content marketing strategy

Only 15% of all businesses in Canada have surveyed their clients in the past 12 months – so by doing research, you’re already a step ahead of the pack. You know more than they do, so you can be more successful.

Some of our research includes:

  • market assessment – how big is the market?
  • customer surveys – how do you rate?
  • prospect surveys – how loyal are your competitors customers?
  • social media tracking – how effective is it?
  • qualitative research – in-depth interview, focus groups on your business, service or product or even shopper behaviour.